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An Old Recipe …

Take one whole pound

of Kindliness

And stir it round

With thoughts that bless.

Plenty of Patience makes it nice

Some fun will add a little spice.

Don’t weigh out Love, but pour it in

Oil of good sheer will grease your tin.

Mix well, in just the old-time way

And you’ll have made a happy day.

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Virtues Lowly and Lovely

Family life has its own trials, annoyances and difficulties…

Home is the place where character most frequently shows its repellent side, its defects and deficiencies. Home is the refuge of the worn, the weary and the aged. It is the place where the many physical needs, and the trying ills of the human body most frequently come to the front; and these things do not make for amiablility. Hence, home is the place where poor human nature is most likely to reveal all its pettiness and indulge all its weakness.

It is, for this very reason, just the place where kindness and patience, forbearance, gentleness and charity are most in demand and should be most frequently practised, by consideration for others, readiness to make allowances, slowness to see faults and take offence, willingness to overlook and excuse.

The forgiving spirit must, however, be practised in a special way. For, living in close contact, there are bound to be occassional clashes and missunderstandings, resulting in hurt and wounded feelings. It can’t be otherwise.

Few things are more essential to the peace and happiness of the home than the spirit of give and take, that without it, the other home virtues can’t flourish in the family circle.

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Choice of Companions

I believe that companions are one of the greatest influences in the life of a girl. It is true that every normal human being has a desire to associate with others, and finds genuine pleasure in exchanging ideas with her fellow-women.

Young ladies today have a great deal of leisure, so naturally they seek friends with whom they may enjoy themselves. Perhaps there is one in the group who tries to dominate the others.

He or she suggests a certain movie, definetely objectionable. Unless the other boys and girls stand firm, this bad companion will influence them to attend the movie.

In a similar way, bad books, magazines and comics maybe spread at the suggestion of a companion of doubtful character.

Sometimes, young people think they are strong enough to resist temptation, saying “I won’t imitate this person; I shall just ignore him.”

Unconsciously, you are being influenced, the will is weakened, and soon you will yield to the suggestions of the tempter.

Reflecting on the banefl influence of certain companions, let us resolve wisely to choose associates whose examples serve as a model of true virtue.

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Young Lady – Who is She?

To the nomads of the desert she is the “little gazelle”. To the Japanese the “plum blossom”. In the Book of Proverbs she is the “dearest hind, and most agreeable fawn”.

Jewels, sapphires and rubies are her eyes and lips. The softness of a spring morning are in her words. Her smile is as the splendour of the rising sun.

Of all the creatures in the world she is made by God the most beatiful. She is the incarnation and summation of all the flowers of nature.

No man ever spoke  more truththan when he whispered into the ear of his beloved that she was divine.

She is an image, a spark of divinity give to us in life as a preview of things to come. She is yielding and helpless, yet divine.

To whom God has given much, from her much is expected. Of no other creature is so much demanded. She is to

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