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My Dearest Oz Mates

RandyHis virtual nick is Crocodile Randee… I think he named himself after Crocodile Dundee character… Right, Rand? 😀 … but I call him Randy… and he calls me Carrot Tree 😆 cuz my nick is carratri… He lives in Cairns, Australia 

I met him somewhere in virtual world… and guess what… I talked to him when another friend of mine was jealous coz I called him “cutie”… 😆 … oh well … so many people got jealous of him… and don’t ask me why… coz I dunno why myself … well we were just giggling away when we found jealousy people like that…

We are close friends… and I mean really close… I never pass a day without him in my messenger… well almost never… we talk like every day… and I dunno why, but it’s like that we always have something to talk about… and guess what our favorite topic is…Sammy

HIM!!! A german shepherd buddy… His name is Sammy… and I just fell in love at the first sight!! Well… Randy said that he is sammy’s dad… well looks like it to me, coz he loves sammy so damn much… Sammy is just so pretty, cute and a smart arse!  He loves to watch news on TV… 😆 … don’t you think I’m lying here!! I’m not lying!!! He does watch TV … and sometimes he just takes over Randy’s bed and computer too … 😆 …Well… I admit, I couldn’t believe either when Randy told me that, but when he sent me some pics… I couldn’t say anything anymore…

Here’s some…Sammy on Computer Sammy on TV       

Isn’t he cute? 😆  

Oh btw, Randy got two gorgeous daughters… Melanie and Melissa… I never get to talk to them, but Randy tells me everything about them … so I feel like I know them for years… Well he got a son too, but he’s passed away… May he rest in peace… I’m sure Randy misses him a lot… and he knows that he can talk to me about his son if he misses him… We do have something in common… He’s lost his son and I’ve lost my dad… So I know the feeling *hugs Randy* 

And Randy was “here” for me when I got married… He sent me cards and I showed the cards to my hubby too… *Rand, he did thank you for that and said that he would love to talk to you sometime* 

Well… Rand… I love you… 🙂 and I wish we still be friends for good… *hugs*


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5 Responses

  1. pink says:

    mamiii… hiks… kaga ngerti. nyesel deh jadi orang yg bego bahasa inggris.

    #carra said : 😯 cleguk! 😀 pdhl aku juga blepotan.. asal pede aja…

  2. tukangkopi says:

    saya sempet terkecoh…kirain deket mbak si gukguk itu… :mrgreen:

    # carra said : *nimpukin tukang kopi pake sepatu yg kemaren ditinggal di sini yang tukang loak aja ga mau beli* 😆

  3. tukangkopi says:

    eh salah..maksudnya temen deket.
    nulisnya kurang..maklum masih belajar menulis.. 😆

    *sembunyi di bawah meja*

    #carra said : *nyapu biji kopi dari bawah meja*

  4. irrrr says:

    apapun bisa terjadi di dunia onlen yah ???
    gw juga sempet punya temen deket di dunia maya 😆


    #carra said : yups… 🙂 amazing banget kita bisa temenan deket bgt gini emg… scr dia tuh udah kakek2… tp masi asik bgt!

  5. Randy says:

    Thanks Carla….yeh I hope we be friends forever too…Sammy says woof to you and all your friends….He is waiting for all the cute chics to call him cos he is a chic magnet. Woof woof.


    #carra said : here comes the role actor 😆 thx Rand… for stopping by *hugs*

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